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Complete Me: Our ranges explained

Supplements have the ability not only to help improve your cognitive function, but also to help you stay focused, energised and refreshed throughout the day. With a variety of nutritional blends specifically designed to target and help fix health and lifestyle issues, it may be difficult to find the right place to start. Ready to […]

Deep Sleep: Minerals, nutrients and vitamins that help you sleep

There’s no doubt about it – sleep is one of the most vital aspects of your daily routine. In fact, the NHS states that the average adult needs between six and nine hours to lead a healthy and alert life. Struggling to drift off to sleep after a tough day at work? We’ve highlighted five […]

What to eat to balance our hormones

Our hormones are powerful chemical messengers that travel through our bodies in our bloodstream, controlling lots of different functions including our sex hormones. Eating the right things or supporting our diet with key foods can help to balance them internally. Sluggishness, weight gain, bloating, sugar craving and spots can be some of the symptoms we […]

Turkey Chilli Sleep recipe.

Try out delicious Turkey Chilli Recipe Turkey contains ‘Tryptophan’ which may help promote good sleep. Tryptophan is a protein which through several processes in the body is able to turn into 5HTP, then Serotonin, then Melatonin our sleep hormone. Eating Tryptophan rich foods before bed will give our bodies the building blocks for our sleep […]