Benefits of a well-balanced diet



You are what you eat so a well-balanced diet is exactly what you need to be your happiest and healthiest! A well-balanced diet means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions so your body gets all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and function properly. It includes food from the five food groups which are fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy. Eating well can improve all areas of your life and has many benefits including; providing more energy for your body, improved brain function and fighting off diseases. 

Effective Weight Management 

Having a poor diet is one of the most common reasons as to why people struggle with weight loss. Consuming the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins can curb tendencies for sugary snacks and prevent binge eating. For example, eating carbohydrates like whole grains, oats and quinoa that have a low glycemic index will keep you fuller for longer. These complex carbohydrates take longer to break down and release into the blood stream hence preventing cravings.

100% Natural Ingredients

Eating a well-balanced diet means eating more fresh foods that have not been processed. Preservatives and additives can lead to long term health issues. Research has shown that preservatives contain BHA which could be cancer causing. Preservatives also weaken heart tissues leading to chronic heart conditions. It can be hard to completely cut out preservatives from your diet but a well-balanced diet is a step in the right direction to reducing intake. Make the switch to organic foods and help combat climate change!  

Get Energised 

Nutrient-dense food digests at slower pace and therefore is released into the system over a longer period of time. Compared to processed foods that will digest much faster, causing the body to feel hungry again in a shorter period of time. Maintaining this base level will allow you to feel energised throughout the day without crashing! A well-balanced diet will help you conquer that long list of things to do in no time at all. Vitamin B converts glucose into energy. Replace your usual snacks with bananas, fortified cereals or oranges which have an abundance of vitamin B. 

Transform Yourself

Who needs a beauty salon when a well-balanced diet can transform you? A balanced will improve your hair, skin and nails. Nails go through a lot, from washing dishes to removing the batteries from our remote control. Eating one egg yolk can bring plenty of biotin (vitamin B7) to our bodies. A blueberry a day, keeps the dermatologist away! Blueberries are an excellent source of vitamin C which increases the level of collagen. Collagen is responsible for strengthening your skin’s elasticity. 

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