We all know that a poor night’s sleep can affect our mood, energy levels, and the food choices we make the next day. Not getting enough sleep has also been proven to directly affect how our brains operate, leading to less cognitive function and the need to use stimulants like caffeine.

By addressing poor sleep patterns and following our sleep programme, you can make the most of a number of key benefits.


Set yourself better sleep patterns.

Make use of tools and techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

Set new sleep-inducing habits that you can use long into the future once the plan has finished.

Utilise our 28 day sleep guide as well as our best selling Sleeping Beauty supplements.

Achieve longer and better quality sleep and have more energy throughout the day*.

Be able to reduce your need for stimulants like caffeine.

Understand new techniques and methods to help improve your sleep.

Have more mental clarity, meaning you find it easier to make decisions throughout the day.