Brilliant ways to reuse our glass bottles!

Glass is a fantastic material. It feels great to hold, it’s recyclable and it’s eco-friendly. That’s why we use it to hold our amazing supplements. But why stop at recycling when you can upcycle our bottles into a brand new ornament for holding a plant or drinking from. We have made our labels easy to peel off so you can get creative at home! Now let’s explore some of the ways you can reuse your Complete Me Life supplement bottle.


Spice Jar

Just peel off the label and apply your own and you can turn your empty bottle into a brand new spice jar suitable for keeping all your herbs and spices. Since our supplements are so well pressed we doubt there will be much to clean but for sanitary reasons make sure to wash the bottle with soap, rinse and leave it to dry before adding spices.




Another great way to reuse an empty pill bottle is as a refill for ours or other supplements. Often medications come in such nasty packaging so trade it out for one of our sleek and stylish bottles. Be sure to clearly label the bottle before putting it back so as to not mix up your supplements.



The glass bottle makes a great way to organise your desk including paper clips, pens and rubber bands. It could also hold sewing items such as needles and cotton. Or lastly could be used to keep spare change in.


Storage for garden seeds.

The glass jar is prefect for storing spare garden seeds. When buy new seeds they come in paper packets which often leads to the seeds falling out and the paper can disintegrate. Use one of our glass bottles as storage and just pop a label to know which seeds are inside!



Storage container for snacks/food.

Great way to carry nuts/seeds or any small snacks when you are on the go! Glass is easy to clean and doesn’t hold the smell of the foods so can be used time and again!


Flowerpot holders.

If you are really creative, you can turn these jars into mini flowerpot holders. Take the pots and spray paint them with the colour of your choice, and then decorate. Gather a few pots together and you have a wonderful display!

Glass is also:

  • non-porous, meaning that it won’t transfer food smells
  • keeps foods safe (without leaching any harmful material into them)
  • reduces landfill waste
  • easy to clean
  • plus, it looks better than plastic



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