Deep Sleep: Minerals, nutrients and vitamins that help you sleep

There’s no doubt about it – sleep is one of the most vital aspects of your daily routine. In fact, the NHS states that the average adult needs between six and nine hours to lead a healthy and alert life. Struggling to drift off to sleep after a tough day at work? We’ve highlighted five of the best vitamins and nutrients from our Sleeping Beauty Supplement that could provide you with a deep night’s sleep.



Often referred to as ‘nature’s relaxant’, Magnesium is one of the most popular minerals used for assisting sleep. Essential for human health, Magnesium is fortunately available everywhere in food and drink, from your standard greens to wheat. Ultimately, your body and brain both need to be relaxed in order to get a refreshing night’s sleep. The reason why Magnesium could do this is that the mineral regulates neurotransmitters and could help to slow down the activity in your mind. The result? The potential for a calm, slowed mind before you reach for your pillow.



Commonly consumed in the form of tea, Chamomile is a natural herb that has been used for thousands of years across the world. From millennia ago all the way to the present day, humans have been using Chamomile as an anti-inflammatory and as a tool to treat insomnia. The herb contains Apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to various receptors in your brain, potentially reducing anxiety and helping you drift away to sleep. Whether you have a nightly tea before bed or take the Sleeping Beauty Supplement (which contains Chamomile), you may increase your chances of having a relaxing night’s kip.


Vitamin B

Much like other nutrients and vitamins, the Vitamin B complex is essential for a healthy, functioning life. Within that complex, there are a variety of B vitamins that could potentially have a positive impact on your ability to sleep. Vitamin B6 specifically (found in our Sleeping Beauty Supplement) can help to produce serotonin and melatonin, which are vital for a regulated mood and a deep, peaceful sleep. On top of that, enough Vitamin B6 can even help you to recall your dreams!


All of these entirely natural vitamins and minerals combine to create our undeniably relaxing Sleeping Beauty Supplement. Whether you’re struggling with insomnia or dealing with stress, Sleeping Beauty provides you with nutrients that can help you rest, recover and finally get a decent night’s kip. Interested in boosting other aspects of your cognition? Take a look through our full supplement collection today.

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