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Can I use my Complete Me supplements after the expiry date?

All of our supplements have a best before date printed on the box and bottle. These are shown in month/year format. So, for instance, if it states 10/2022, then the product should be taken before the end of October 2022.

While supplements taken after this date may not be harmful, we wouldn’t recommend taking them as they won’t be as effective as they previously were.

I find it hard to take and swallow capsules, are there any other ways to take them?

Our capsules have been designed to be swallowed whole, mostly with food and by doing this is how you will see the best results. If however you really can’t take them you could open them and add them to cold food or water. Please bare in mind, however, that there may be more of an odour or taste by doing this.

After taking your supplements my urine has changed colour, is this normal?

Yes, if taking our supplements with B vitamins you may see a change in the colour of your urine to a bright yellow colour. This is because when taking the B vitamins, they cannot be stored in the body so anything that isn’t used will be excreted in your urine. The body will naturally need varying amounts of each B vitamin depending on many factors including lifestyle choices, stress and energy used.

If I am taking one of your supplements and the recommended dosage is more than one capsule, should I take them all at the same time?

It is preferable to spread the dosage out over the day, but it’s not essential, and the full dosage can be taken in one go if you struggle to remember to do this later in the day. With the goody guts product this can be taken with any meal of the day, please do not exceed the recommended dose of 2 capsules. With Sleeping beauty, this should be taken 30mins to 1 hour before bed.

Should I take all my supplements with food?

Most vitamins and minerals should ideally be taken with food as it helps them to be absorbed, particularly Vitamin A, which is in our Let’s Glow product.  Additionally, some people may find they feel sick if taking supplements on an empty stomach. You will find instructions on each product as to whether to take it with food or not.

Does it matter if I take multiple Complete Me products?

Please check the nutritional tables on the side of the boxes as some products contain the same nutrients, by taking multiple products you may be taking too much of that particular nutrient.

For any queries regarding this please contact

Will the supplements I am taking interact with my prescribed medications?

If you are taking any prescribed medications from your doctor, please contact them to check that there are no interactions. Taking certain supplements with medication can increase or decrease their effects. For example, people on anti-depressants should exercise caution taking 5HTP, and people on immune suppressants should avoid taking probiotics.

If you have any queries, please email

Where are your products manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured in the UK.  They are manufactured in line with current Good Manufacturing Practise (cGMP) and comply with UK and EU regulations. We do not use ingredients that have been genetically modified or irradiated and none of our products are tested on animals. We never use artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Are your products Vegan/Vegetarian?

All of our products are Vegan/Vegetarian apart from Let’s Rewind, which is not due to it containing Collagen peptides.

What is an NRV?

NRV stands for Nutrient Reference Value. It was changed from RDA by the EU in 2014. This provides guidance on the daily level of vitamins and minerals an average healthy person needs in order to prevent deficiency.

All our NRV’s are listed on the side of our boxes and can be found in %s. This level may be over 100% because the levels provided in a supplement are designed to promote optimum health rather than prevent deficiencies. The levels in our supplements are all below the established Upper Safe Levels. If a particular nutrient or ingredient doesn’t have an NRV value this is because it has no RDA.

Where can I find allergen information about your products?

All allergen information can be found in the ingredient list in bold. All of our products also contain a list on the side of the box of what they don’t contain.

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