Five daily habits to feel happier and healthier

Feeling bogged down, lethargic or generally unhealthy? Those feelings are familiar to all of us at some point or another. However, getting out of the groove of an unhealthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated and can drastically change your overall wellbeing and relationships. To help you get started, here are five of our favourite daily habits for feeling stronger, healthier and, most importantly, happier.


Get up earlier

There’s no doubt that working from home can tempt many people to lay in bed a little longer than they should. While it might seem appealing, waking up as late as possible before work isn’t the best way to start your day and can result in lethargy throughout the day. We suggest setting the alarm an hour earlier and committing to getting up as soon as you wake up. The result will be a more refreshed and relaxed outlook, as well as an extra hour of spare time (and all of us could do with that).


Move your body

You’ve probably heard this one a million times, but exercise really can alter how you feel during the day for the better. Research has shown that exercise can have a massive impact on your stress levels, helping you to feel a lot calmer and happier. Shaking off that excess stress with exercise isn’t only good for your mental health, but also your physical health. If you’ve been slumped at your desk for too long – it’s time to get outdoors and move your body on a daily basis!


Focus on your mind

Exercising your body is clearly important, but putting your mind through a workout is another no-brainer. Meditation especially is the perfect way to exercise your mind, helping you to slow your mind down and reset after or before a long day. The best part? Anybody can do it! We recommend sitting in a quiet place for 10 minutes and focusing on your breathing. Every time one of those chattering thoughts pops up, bring your mind back to your breathing. Mindfulness isn’t all incense and baggy trousers – sharpening your mind and focusing on your mental health is one of the key paths to happiness.


Embrace nature

Spending time in nature is a great way to achieve some perspective, especially if you’ve been caught up with work or home life for too long. A walk in a park or in the woods before or after your day can have a deeply calming effect and could help you refresh your mind. Don’t just take our word for it – research has consistently shown that spending more time within nature can have a positive impact on your own stress levels. 


Eat the right foods

If you’re not eating right, you can wave goodbye to leading a happy and healthy life. The fuel you put in your body has a vital role to play in how you feel and operate on a day-to-day basis, so keeping your diet well-balanced is key. Cut out those sugary drinks, late-night treats and greasy meals and replace them with plenty of delicious greens and fruits. There’s plenty of advice out there from dieticians on the best foods to eat, but paying a visit to your GP is the best way to build a consistent dietary plan. Trust us – you’ll feel a lot better for it.

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