How to clear brain fog naturally

Brain fog can be disruptive to both your home and work life, keeping you unproductive and lethargic. We’ve all experienced those effects at some point or another, but is there anything we can do to stop it? While brain fog can’t be cured at the snap of your fingers, there are some ways to help reduce the effects of brain fog. Here are some of our top tips.


Stay away from the blue light

Everybody spends too much time on their phones, but did you know it can have a big impact on developing regular brain fog? Taking a break from your computer or phone will give your mind more space to breathe and take in other perspectives. Using that spare time to go out for a refreshing walk in the park or woods is a great way to take a step away from screens, helping you to reset your mind. Also – using your phone as soon as you wake up can get your day started in the wrong direction. We suggest reading a book or going for a stroll first thing, especially if you’re spending all day working at your laptop.


Reduce your stress

Modern life is stressful – that’s no secret to anyone. But making the effort to de-stress is key for avoiding brain fog as much as possible. Whether you’re practising mindfulness or spending more time in nature, there are plenty of ways to stay healthy in your mind and keep yourself at your best. If you’re feeling the effects of brain fog coming on, having a quick meditation can be a big help. All you have to do is close your eyes and focus directly on your breathing while ignoring the chattering thoughts in your head. That small period of focus can help to blow away any of that fog that can easily descend on your mind. 


Move your body

This one probably isn’t a surprise to anybody! Exercise is one of the key ways to build a healthy and refreshed mindset, as well as dispelling any of that disruptive brain fog. By exercise, we don’t necessarily mean heart-pumping workouts. A simple walk in the morning or evening can have a big impact on your brain fog and help you reset your mind. Struggling to find the time? Your morning commute takes up a lot of time in most peoples lives, so replacing that train or car with a bike or jog is a great use of that time.

Clearing brain fog naturally using these four tips will not only clear your brain fog but actually improve your overall mental wellbeing too. Whether you’re looking for a deeper sleep or more energy, our supplements collection has something for everyone – take a look today!

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