Inside Out: Why your gut is crucial to your wellbeing

The health of your gut is vital for digesting food and absorbing the nutrients you need to function properly – but the benefits don’t stop there. Mental wellbeing and gut health are intricately connected within our bodies, helping to regulate stress and mood. With the Goody Guts supplement, you can help to rebalance your gut microbiome which may help you get both your physical and mental wellbeing back on track. But why exactly is the gut so crucial to your wellbeing and how can you improve it?


What is the gut microbiome?

To put it simply, your gut is home to a delicate balance of bacteria. While the word ‘bacteria’ might have negative connotations, the trillions of bacteria in your gut are essential to your overall wellbeing. These microbes in your gut are key for a variety of reasons, including digesting food, helping to control blood sugar and lowering the risk of diabetes. Disrupting this delicate balance by eating badly or not encouraging healthy bacteria can have bad implications for your health and affect you both physically and mentally. Ultimately, your entire health revolves around the health of the gut microbiome.


Why is gut health so important to wellbeing?

We all know how crucial gut health is for digesting food, but did you know that your gut can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing too? Your gut is intricately connected to your brain through millions of nerves, potentially controlling messages that are sent to the brain and helping to regulate mood and stress levels. This connection is called the gut-brain axis and has fascinated scientists for decades. If you’re noticing your stress levels rise or you’re regularly feeling anxious, this could be a result of poor gut health.


Surprisingly, the gut is also home to around % of the immune system. That means that the health and strength of your immunity directly correlate to the health and strength of your gut. If you’re interested in giving your immunity a boost, check out our Daily Defence supplement for more information


How can I improve my gut health?

So – we know how important the gut is to both physical and mental wellbeing, but what can we do to help it? Firstly, changing up your diet is crucial. Eating a diverse range of foods can help to diversify your microbiome, particularly those that contain plenty of fibre or have been fermented. Foods high in probiotics are also a great way to supply your gut with the bacteria it needs to thrive.


In addition to a balanced diet, our Goody Guts supplements are the cherry on top of a healthy, well-functioning gut. We’ve combined Probiotics, Marshmallow Root and Slippery Elm to create an all-natural way to help your gut get back on track. On top of assisting the digestive system, banishing the bloat and promoting a healthy microbiome, the resulting mental benefits may have a big impact on your overall wellbeing.


Interested in giving your gut the balance it needs to thrive? Get started with our Goody Guts Supplement – the perfect way to help improve the health of both your mind and body.

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