Why it’s important to track your goals

It’s a brand new year and the best time to set new goals! This year, I’m all for improving my overall wellness. However, we all know that setting goals are one thing but achieving it is another. Research has shown that if you actively track your goals, you’ll be able to monitor your progress and ensure your end goal is met! So, the big question is, how do you track your goals? For most of us, it might not come naturally but here’s the key takeaway you need to start!



The SMARTs of Goal Setting

SMART is an acronym used in subsets of business like public relations and marketing. It is a way to monitor progress on campaigns to ensure what the company set out to achieve, is actually achieved! So, what does it stand for and how will it help you? 

S — Specific: This means you must pinpoint exactly what you want to achieve. What is your end goal? Be specific and realistic.

M — Measurable: Your goal must be quantifiable. For instance, making sure you’re getting a good 8 hours of sleep by monitoring your sleeping patterns via a smartwatch every night.

A&R — Achievable and Realistic: It needs to be within grasp and not some grandiose idea that would be almost impossible to achieve. Good things take time, set goals that lead you on a path slowly but surely! 

T — Timely: Your goal must be measurable in time, there must be a deadline. This is to ensure there is a sense of urgency for it to be completed. 

These are the simple foundations you can follow to easily track your goals! At Complete Me, we’re so confident you’re going to look and feel great after taking our supplements that we’ve included a free mini-wellness journal for you inside each box. This 28day Wellness Challenge will help you track how you feel over a month of taking our supplements! If you’ve never been able to consistently take your supplements and figure out if they actually work then this is for you. 


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